Saturday, 12 January 2013

Re-pack Wars 1

Inspired by Nachos Grande's Pack Wars II, I decided to do the same, only with dollar store repacks. They only had a handful to choose from, but I selected three packs that each had at least one card visible that would fit into one of my binders. Points are added and subtracted on my personal whim with a maximum of 5. The visible cards in the repacks are the ones in the upper left and lower right of the scans.

2009 Upper Deck Brandon Sutter - A perfect fit in my birthday folder. A great fit in fact. The fact being I already had it. -2 for my useless memory.
1990 Bowman Hat Tricks Steve Thomas - I'm sending off a pile of random Blackhawks cards on Monday. A nice insert addition. +1.
1995 Fleer Metal Stephane Fiset - Although I loved his brick wall mask, I'll happily add this shiny one into my collection. The Yeti is a popular motif on Avalanche masks, and this is another nice one. +3
1990 OPC Jim Hrivnak - Nothing for the plain mask, but I'll give +1 for having a mullet party enough in the back to stick out the back.
1993 Upper Deck Bryan McCabe - No points. I might have given something if google could have told me what the TDK 14 memorial patch was in reference to.
2009 Fleer Ultra David Backes. Nice enough photo. +1
1993 Parkhurst Janne Niinimaa - Hey, this Junior guy actually had a decent career. +1
1992 Parkhurst Alexei Kasatonov - French on the back! +1
1993 Premier John MacLean - Next. 0
1995 Fleer Ultra Jason Dawe - Keep going. 0
1990 Score Steve Kasper. We're in a rut, here. 0
1992 Fleer Ultra Trevor Linden - A good player will break the string of zeroes. +1
1993 Upper Deck Jocelyn Thibault - He's got a white mask for the home jersey and a blue one on the back for the Nords road jersey. +1 and an outside shot for the binder.
2001 Heritage Milan Hejduk - YES! Another Hejduk for the birthday binder. He's probably the most prominent member of the binder. Makes up for the doubles on the Sutter. +5
2007 ITG Heroes and Prospects Bob Sanguinetti - Interesting fact on the back. Bob was born on February 29th. As per hockey reference, he's only one of 8 players with that feature. He's got the fewest NHL games among those. The best of the 2-29 grouping were Henri Richard and Cam Ward. +2 for making me interested in looking up those tidbits.

Starting off with a 15.

2008 OPC Retro Jamaal Mayers - Yes, it is a Leafs card. But it is a retro version of a classic design. +3.
1990 Bowman Bruce Driver - +3. For a Bruce Driver Bowman? Yup, but this is exculsively for the horribly miscut back.
1992 Parkhurst Curtis Leschyshyn - Blah. 0.
1996 Pinnacle Mats Sundin. There's only so much Toronto goodwill from me. -1.
2011 Score Dustin Brown - +1 for being a recent card.
1997 Donruss Priority Kevin Hatcher - Does being a member of the US Hockey Hall of Fame count for anything? I guess, since it isn't an early 90s card. +1.
1992 Classic Michael Stewart - Never played a game in the NHL after being drafted 13th overall. 0.
1994 Donruss Richard Smehlik - -2 for being such a challenge to read the name of the player. There's nothing on the back either.
1991 Pro Set Darrin Shannon - Nope.
1991 Score Ken Baumgartner - Mullet power! +1
1991 Upper Deck French Chris Nilan - Knuckles! En Francais! +2
1991 Score Brian Skrudland. Nothing here. 0.
1990 Pro Set Daren Puppa - A Buffalo hot pack! +1 for another card with an outside shot at the masks binder.
2000 Pacific Jeff Shantz - A nice photo of the flaming horse logo. +2
2010 Upper Deck Pekka Rinne. A certain entry into the mask binder, and the reason I picked this pack. +3

Second repack is a 14.

2011 Pinnacle Chris Mason - I'm generally not a fan of the helmet up shots in the mask binder. But it does work here with simple colour pattern of Mason's. +3
1990 Bowman Rob Murray - The pretty much obligatory 90 Bowman card. 0.
1998 MVP Greg Devries - Pretty obtrusive design. -1
1990 Score Fredrik Olausson - Boring. 0.
1994 Upper Deck Peter Popovic - I kinda like the photo on this. +1.
2009 Upper Deck Phil Kessel - Thanks for Tyler Seguin, Phil! +1
1993 Premier Kelly Miller - 0
1994 Classic Derek Armstrong - I never knew there was a team called the Salt Lake Golden Eagles. +3 for that little bit of knowledge.
1991 Pinnacle Benoit Hogue - 0
1991 Pro Set Jacques Plante. I'll definitely make an exception to the "No Plain Masks" rule for a classic shot of Plante. +3
2002 OPC Jeff Jillson. This one's in a care package for a certain Michigan Wolverines alumni collector. +2
1991 Stadium Club Mark Osborne. The photo's bland, but I'll give it a +1 since I like the design of the original Stadium Club cards with a rookie card photo on the back.
1991 Score Greg Brown - Another zero.
1999 MVP Patrick Elias. Both MVP cards in this pack are pretty ugly. -1
2011 Black Diamond Dwayne Roloson - Shiny additions to the mask binder are always welcome. +4

And it gets wrapped up with a solid 16, giving the third repack the victory in a close game of repack wars.

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