Sunday, 6 January 2013

December Show Dime Box Goodies - Part 4

Vive le Français!

At least on baseball cards.

There's probably no better way to start off a collection of bilingual cards than with a card of an Expo. Why not one of the Spaceman? I love how they got the tri-color of the cap in the logo.
The only Met I picked up from the O-Pee-Chee cards.
And the 1981 O-Pee-Chee keep on coming. Here's a nice card of Don Baylor, although he does show why wearing a collared anything under your uniform never caught on.
If it weren't for the moustache, I'd think Dennis was auditioning to be a replacement Charlie's Angel with that hair.
Back-to-back Hall of Famers from the 1981 OPC for a dime each? I can't complain about this.
Then I can fast forward a few years and pick up another one. Sad to see they don't have AC abbreviated alongside SS.
And that's 4 straight HOFers. Time to end that streak.
These are from a set put out by Nabisco in 1992, that saluted memorable Expos and Blue Jays. You tell it is a pre-World Series time, since there are cards that salute Garth Iorg's pinch hitting prowess in there.
I was somewhat surprised to see a grand slam as the moment mentioned for Buck. If it wasn't for his stint behind the mike or on the bench for the Jays, I think that this would be the moment that he'd be most remembered for. 2 put outs, and a broken leg on the same play.


  1. Any OPC card for a dime is a great deal, especially the "Spaceman".