Sunday, 20 January 2013

Zellers is closing, so I'll Bust Blasters - Part 7

I'll see if I can close off this run of blasters before the stores themselves close. 5 more posts to go!

Usually for me, finding a Sens card would be the highlight of any pack (even if it is Heatley). For me, the hilariously stellar penmanship of Slava Kozlov takes the cake. The back also can win itself a redundancy award prize for stating that he scored a hat trick "in Atlanta's 5-4 home victory over the Senators in an 11/8/06 home battle." So where did that game take place again? That card is a keeper, for all the wrong reasons.

Masterpieces are always welcome, even though I did grab a base set off ebay a few weeks back. If I didn't, I would still be upset that the only card of Dale I had  from the set choose to honour Dale Hawerchuk as a St. Louis Blue. But, since I now have the card in the set where he's a Jet, all is forgiven. Nice Bourque as well, although its the lesser of the 3 Ray cards in the set. The others being the Cup lift and the Esposito ceremony.

Another Axelsson parallel. Any major PJ fanboys out there? But, getting a new Cam Ward for the mask binder and a new Lanny for my slowly developing collection of his cards makes up for that.
I didn't have a card of that side of the Kari Lehtonen Kill Bill mask in my binder. A binder addition is always a good thing. At least the Young Gun card is of someone who's still in the NHL. I think. I know he's one of the cards I still need to finish off this year's Score set.

The Adam Foote card, however, is a thing of brilliance. He's Adam Foote, and he's got his foot up on the board, and the foot is the most prominent thing on the card, right underneath the text reading "Foote". It is brilliance, I tellsya! Brilliance!

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