Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Zellers is closing, so I'll Bust Blasters - Part 8

Probably the dullest 4 pack of the lot. Only a small percentage of these cards made their way into my personal binders as opposed to my zistle account.

Some nice star power in this one with the Malkin insert, and some decent base cards. Still, this was the dud pack of the bunch. No keepers among them, although the way the team colours backgrounds sometimes match up perfectly with the boards is interesting. Sometimes. I'm reaching here.

I've get yet another DiPietro for my mask binder in this one. Whenever I find a Matthew Lombardi card, I can't help thinking about the MST3K episode "The She Creature". Who's that fat little funny little doll? It's Tickle-Me Carlo Lombardi? Who's little diaper needs a good little change? It's Tickle-Me Carlo Lombardi! Ole-Kristian Tollefsen with his foot up at the boards isn't nearly as amusing as the similar Adam Foote card.

The Luongo card is only the second one to make its way to the mask binder from this grouping. Both of the horizontal cards would have worked just fine vertically, and the red border on the bottom of the photo looks awful. As for the Starquest cards, some of the green on the Teemu card came off on the bottom of the Sundstrom.

And the Price sticker saves this pack!

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