Wednesday, 2 January 2013

COMC Black Friday Goodies Finally Arrive - Part 4

And we wrap it up with the most expensive single purchase of the day. $4.50 for this one:
I was actually looking for a Mets relic of Gary Carter, but seeing the sweet blue of the Montreal Expos was made me just too nostalgic for the 80s. Throw in a bonus bat relic, and having this one numbered out of 50, it was an easy decision to sway me in this direction.

But, I still picked up a Gary Carter Mets card as well:
That's a mighty fine consolation prize. I stayed in the Mets family for the next 2 relics, picking up two of my favourite Mets for a combined $3.40.
Anything with a pinstripe on it is automatically better.
I finally knocked the rookie card of beloved Blue Jay Ernie Whitt from my wantlist. In a rarity for these cards, all 4 of them went on to decent careers in the big leagues. Sadly, Bo Diaz was killed in 1990 when he was crushed by a satellite dish he was adjusting on the roof of his house.


  1. Nice pickups! That's an awesome Carter for sure. I was hoping I had an extra Parrish RC to send your way when I mailed your stuff before, but I wasn't able to dig one up. Glad you found a good one on COMC.

    1. One of the fun things about these cards is, depending on your loyalties, who the star of the rookie card is.