Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Zellers is closing, so I'll Bust Blasters - Part 5

I swung by another Zellers and they had another box of these repacked packs of cards. So, I picked them up as well. With discounts, it worked out to 48 packs of cards being busted for about 40 bucks. I really can't complain about that. Lots of fun for not too steep price, and I got lots of cards for my various binders.

Let's start looking through all of the cards I got. I just reached into the box they were stored in, and whatever package worth of cards I pulled out, I sorted, scanned and will post.

1 pack of 06 Beehive opens this one up. Only 4 cards, but Hejduk fits into my 2/14 project binder. That's all I ask for from a pack - 1 card that fits into one of my personal collection.
This one, however, brought nothing to the table. I guess the Savard card is my favourite out of this bunch. The background really kills any opportunity for an interesting photo. The Artifacts packs in the repack really brought some of the duller entries in the breaks. Oh well, off to my zistle account with you!
When the one parallel card in the package is one that is from your favourite team and fits into one of your personal collections, that card is definitely a winner! Even if he only played 10 NHL games, the parallel is still over a dollar on COMC, so I'm glad to add this parallel to the binder.

2 Leafs in a pack would be a dud for me. Still, getting not one but two cards of players from my most wanted lists more than make up for the Leafs. The poor man's Super Mario on the board advertising for the Kozlov card makes it even better. It might be my favourite card of his in the 2/14 binder, although the relic on its way from COMC will contend.

So, that's 4 packs down, with 28 more to go. If I were to rank these 4, the Victory pack would easily be #1, followed by the Collector's Choice and the Beehive, since all 3 worked towards my collections. Not a single card for the mask binder in this batch either, but that will change.

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