Saturday, 5 January 2013

December Show Dime Box Goodies - Part 3

Continuing to go through the box o' cards.

As usual for me, it is really hard for me to pass by a Diamond King in a dime box and resist the urge to pull it. Even if it does feature a Jose Canseco where it appears half his weight is in his face:

The fun thing about them is the realization that not all the teams had marquee players that were what one would consider to be  Diamond Kings. I'm guessing some teams were determined by the usage of a hat and a bunch of slips of paper.
That's quite the Bay Area contrast. I didn't even know Chris was deceased until I bothered to look just a few minutes ago.
The last of my 3 '87 Donruss purchases. Much like the Herb Washington card, it was for the rather unique position listing. You also get the bonus of the mercifully abandoned mesh-back hat. I'll move on, but not before sharing a non-Diamond King Perez card I got:
Esteban Loaiza. Sigh.

Yeah. It's a reprint. But why wouldn't I want to grab a card of a guy listed as Dizzy Trout on his card. If I start up an all-name binder, he'll most certainly be part of it.

This guy, however will certainly be on the front page:

I guess there wasn't room for his middle name - Terrific.
I don't know how that gets followed up, so why I guess I'll use a card that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else in the grouping. A Topps Laser of Devon White post Toronto.
Like I'm going to turn down a card of The Mad Hungarian for a dime.

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  1. I've long wanted to add a card of Wonderful Terrific Monds to my collection.

    Surprisingly, none have popped up in the dime boxes around here...yet.