Friday, 11 January 2013

Joe Average Card Collector December break Goodies

Just when my poor mail carrier recovered from the load of cards that came in on Monday, another hunchback-creating pile of cards arrived two days later, continuing the pain. Let's look through the first envelope of goodies.

There was a nice mix of minor league cards, as well as some recent stuff from Topps. My favourite card comes from the latter category:

Even though the jerseys don't match, I've finally got a card to go alongside my bobblehead of Ace.
I also picked up a few new candidates for the ol' names binder. Rookie Davis really speaks for itself. I think Forrest Snow sounds like a name a 13-year old girl would give to her poetry. Although I had the Mets, Jays and Angels in the break, doubles were randomized, which explains how I ended up with a Yanks and a Mariners pitcher.

My one hit though, was a Blue Jays autograph card:
Chris is a mid-range prospect in the Jays system. He was ranked #24 last year, but that will probably change with all the trades in the off-season.
I also for randomed this card of a future Met. Nice stuff!
Team Best's cards got me a few nice minor league cards. The Wells and Chen are nice, but Donzell McDonald's is my favourite, solely for the Norwich Navigators logo.

Here are some of the rest of the cards.
Nice to add a new Arencibia card to my collection, and I'll never tire of that Rated Rookie logo.

Great break with some nice cards! Thanks!

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