Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Dimwit Group Break Goodies + Ebay Stuff

Lots more goodies have been rolling into the HQ over the past few days. And the box of 2013 I ordered after blowing some of my Christmas funds hasn't even shown up yet. I'll start with a pair of hockey cards I grabbed off ebay. A pair of UD Canvas cards from this year.

Firstly, yet another card featuring my current favourite mask (at least until one shows up with Mike's teammate sporting his CM Punk mask). "How does a team that is generally as unpopular as the Coyotes have my two favourite masks?", I asked rhetorically.

The second canvas card adds yet another addition to my Alfredsson binder. It's nice to buy the base, and then simply buy the inserts and hits that interest you.

And now, let's see some of the highlights of the Dimwit break. I grabbed the Mets, and got randomed the Reds. What did that bring?

Some Canadians!
Textured Mets!
And even more David Wright!
And a Japanese slugger came my way through the ol' randomizer.

Great stuff. I missed the Feb break, but hope to be on time to sign up in March.

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