Friday, 11 January 2013

Dimwit December Group Break Goodies

After cleaning up with 4 relics in the November break, this one was a little more sparse. While I picked up some nice parallels, there weren't any hits this time. Still, for the value I grabbed some great base cards.

Just like in November, I picked the Mets and got randomed the Brewers.

Off to the haul!

Masterpieces! These are always welcome cards.

Goudey scored my favourite parallel card of the break - a blue backed Johan Santana mini:

And Gypsy Queen scored me a plethora of minis. Just the main ones for the Mets, but the Brew Crew brought me a variety of backs.

Some nice framed cards also ended up in my bubble envelope of goodness:
But the GQ highlight for me was a highlight reel moment for the Mets:


  1. I'm so into the Gypsy Queen cards right now. I missed out on them, somehow, the past few years, and am now going back filling in gaps of interest. I love the Seaver and Gooden above! And, the Glove Stories series (and Sticky Fingers) is a favorite of mine. Love that shot! I can nearly see it moving in slomo. Awesome break, congrats on the fun finds.