Friday, 30 October 2015

Things You Learn From Card Backs

This is Jimmie Reese. He had a couple memorable cards from the junk wax era, including a great 1991 Bowman issue that listed things that happened in baseball over his career. He was very much a baseball lifer, starting as a batboy in 1917.. This SSPC card is from 1975. After appearing as part of a team manager card the previous year, this was his first solo card.

None of that is any way relevant as to why I have posted this card today.
It is because that due to this card back, I learned that Keith Olbermann had the greatest job ever that a sixteen year old (wiki says he was born 1/59) could ask for.


  1. This is the last card in the set, which is why K.O. gets credit on the back. Olbermann also took some of the photos used in the set.

    Somehow, I doubt that Jimmie Reese's middle name has three R's in it...