Sunday, 18 October 2015

Another T.M.M. Trade Package - The Football Goodies

Time once again to wind my way through another mail package from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams/Verlanders. This was a rather varied package, enough so that I can break the package down by sport and get a quartet of posts out of this. Which will go up over the next couple weeks or so. But today, since it is Sunday, time for the football!
Let's start with the biggest addition to my collection. Sure, this looks normal enough, but it is the biggest card in the collection at 8*10. Fortunately, a single pocket page was included with this, so it can fit nicely into the binder. Even better, there will be something for the other side of it once I get to posting the basketball.
More 2/14? Why not? A quartet of new Alshons for that collection. He's now in third place for that collection, leaping past both David Garrard and Drew Bledsoe with 32 cards total of his. He's 3 behind Steve McNair.
But Jim Kelly maintains his lead, with a slight bump up to 52 total with this insert out of this year's Score. It is accompanied by an unnumbered gold parallel of Sammy Watkins. Jim for the 2/14 binder. Sammy for the Bills binder. Jim Kelly, the one player I don't mind getting dupes of, since both will find homes.
And that leads to a bunch more Bills. My mind is blown that Boobie Dixon got a base card in this year's set. On the plus side, that means I can move his college era auto'd card out of the Bills binder and into the penmanship binder.

And on the plus size, Marcell Dareus. Wow.
I don't care that Fred's gone. I still like this manu-patch. Even though it doesn't match the October pink of the photo.
There was a note in the package about becoming a James Hardy super collector. I guess I am now. Of course, I had to check in with the always reliable wiki to see what was up with him post-football.
Unable to make it in the NFL, Hardy turned his attention to Hollywood. He is currently pursuing a career in modeling and acting.
Hey, that's kinda cool.
On May 4, 2014, Hardy was arrested on felony charges following a dispute at his home in Los Angeles, in which a visibly drugged Hardy attacked police officers responding to a disturbing the peace call.
In November 2014, it was reported a judge deemed Hardy unfit for trial and remanded him to a mental facility. 
Serves me right for scrolling past the opening paragraph. That said, until the bodies start piling up, I'll still add these cards to my Bills binder.

Let's make things better with the last Bills item.
Just a 1/1 yellow Willis McGahee plate. The best thing is that the phrases "unfit for trial" and "remanded him to a mental facility" don't appear in his wikipedia article. And my memories of him with the Bills are more positive than not. That's always a plus for a card of anybody whose career with the Bills falls in as part of the playoff drought. This is my second 1/1 in that collection, joining a David Nelson plate.
And to wrap it up, here's a card that was sent for my set build of 2015 Topps. There were about a dozen more, but I'm highlighting this one since it is a card of a kicker.

That's it for today. Back tomorrow with something repack related.


  1. "...until the bodies start piling up, I'll still add these cards to my Bills binder" is an all-time great blog quote. Yeah, he's done some stupid stuff, but at least he's not a murderer. Welp, time to get rid of these Aaron Hernandez cards!

    For real, though, I had no idea Hardy had that going for him. I just thought those looked nice for a buck each.

  2. I almost bought a Aaron Hernandez Gators card the other day but then put it back. Nice printing plate, I need to add one of those to my collection.

    Gotta love kicker cards. I have a couple for your set build with some others set aside for you.