Friday, 16 October 2015

Just A Few 2/14 Hockey Additions

I mean just a few.
I mean I should stock up on Viktor Kozlov since he's a perfect match.
And add is some Calle Johanssons that really highlight that he had a lengthy NHL career.
And then you throw in a base card of a guy with 11 games worth of experience, so he gets a photo in a Russian jersey.
While the Russian jersey can be an interesting oddity for a collection, there's nothing at all interesting about that fire snot horse jersey.
Which Eric Nystrom managed to avoid on cardboard during his tenure with the Flames.
Petr Mrazek's NHL career hasn't been long enough to get any bad jersey designs in his collection.
But here's another guy with a long NHL career. He's third overall in terms of games played (1028) behind the previously posted Johansson (1109) and Dave Lowry (1104).
One nice combination of Tampa and Montreal deserves another. Here, a trio of parallels. Gold Rush. Retro. French.
Sean Hill's 'Actually with Anaheim' card will wrap up the appearance of Habs jerseys in this post.
But not the last of the parallels. The first is Choice Reserve parallel out of Collector's Choice, and the bottom row score is a glossy parallel. I'll confess that I'm surprised I didn't have either the Score or the OPC card in the top row.
And still the King of the 2/14 binder in terms of volume remains Marian Gaborik - the first member to pass the century mark.

So. Just a few additions.
And when you're one out from a Sportlots seller's threshold, why not add a base card of the Hamburglar?

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  1. That streak that the Hamburglar went on last year was crazy. I thought for sure he would have started against the Pens last night.