Saturday, 17 October 2015

2015-16 Artifacts Box Break - Part 2

4 packs left!

Pack 5:
And there's a really nice, yet still disappointing card. You would think that a dual patch card numbered to just 15 would have at least one of the two be something other than a one-colour swatch. That said, at least it is a patch, seeing as it doesn't have the feel of a standard jersey swatch. Still.

Among the rest, an alternate jersey and Wolverines trade bait rounds it out. I think this and the Cammalleri were the only ones in the 100 card base, so that completes that hunt.

Pack 6:
2 mask binder cards. A parallel. And Wayne Simmonds. So far, both Flyers cards are the odd men out in both packs in that I have nothing to say about them. I'm glad to add the Gibson Pac-Man mask to my collection, and will enjoy doing so when his Duck Hunt themed mask makes its cardboard debut. And that Pavelski is just a beauty. It is always nice when the colours for the parallel work with the team colours and don't overpower things.

Pack 7:
And I continue to be a magnet for Florida Panthers hits. Probably the dullest of the packs.

Pack 8:
But this one ends it nicely. I'm surprised Subban wasn't exiled to the high numbered 'Stars' /999 portion of the set. The Rangers redemption has already been announced as Oscar Lindberg. He's off to a pretty good start to the season, so I might hang on to this and enter it when it goes live. But, I could be had, and if someone has either an unscratched Jets (announced as 2/14 baby Nikolaj Ehlers) redemption, I'd swap it.

And there's the box. My favourites of this were the Pavelski parallel and the Puempel rookie. But, still a fun break with a couple big cards. Tomorrow, start of a multi-post trade package.

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  1. Ah the stinkin Panthers hated everywhere from Tampa to Kitchener.