Saturday, 3 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39.2 - Ultra!

After a short break to show off a beautiful redemption that came through yesterday, back to the repack! Today, the rack pack of '07 Ultra. Or fat pack. Whatever they called them.

First card out:

Mark Grudzielanek - One of my favourite names. I love the full bleed photos, although the choices would beome repetitive from the vertical shots as the pack went on. Like batting shots? Like hitting shots? I hope so! Because the photo pickers for this set sure did!
Mark Buehrle - But at least there were some horizontal shots in for variety's sake.
Jason Varitek
Todd Helton
Aubrey Huff
Garrett Anderson
Craig Biggio
Melvin Mora
Felipe Lopez
Kenny Lofton - At least he's not at the plate. A few feet away still counts, right? I'd also completely blanked on his time with the Rangers, so that's a nice addition.
Randy Winn
Jose Reyes - Mets content!
Yadier Molina
Francisco Cordero - I love the dark jersey's contrast against the sea of Cardinals red. Number two in terms of photography choices in this pack.
Barry Zito
Carlos Lee gold parallel - The pack contained two of these parallels. Both /999. As you can see, the only difference on the front is the gold as opposed to the silver around the name.

And the other side:

Jeff Kent
CC Sabathia
Takashi Saito - Dupe for me of this 2/14 baby.
Rich Hill
Paul Konerko
Andruw Jones - My favourite photo of this pack.
Scott Olsen
Reggie Sanders - I forgot that Reggie Sanders, who debuted during the junk wax era, had such a long MLB career.
Dan Haren
Kenjo Johjima
Johnny Damon
Jason Bay - Cancon!
Bobby Abreu
Carlos Delgado - WOO-HOO! A Delgado card I didn't have!
Akinori Otsuka
Johnny Damon /999

No complaints about anything that lands me a new Delgado! More goodies from this repack tomorrow!

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