Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Hometown

Is the home for Rogers Hometown Hockey this weekend. So, why not a themed post for that as I checked out some of the festivities today (following the obligatory trip to a post office to mail off a pair of bubblers).
For those with a more pervy side, Jennifer Botterill is as pretty in person as she appears on TV. Ditto Tara Slone, for that matter. I leave the ranking of Ron McLean's in-person attractiveness for others. This card was a long ago addition through COMC and has nothing to do with the events of the wekeend. This just seems like a good place to post it.
But this was from the day. Since I'm a Senators fan, I couldn't get a Leafs item signed (although I did pick up one for the Leafs fan in my family). So, I looked through my miscellaneous hockey binders and found this card that was worthy of a signature. No rink board advertising really allows this auto to pop. Although the hair has grayed from this 1984 photo, the Sittler's hairline pretty much remains the same. A nice improvement for a card that, much like many in my collection, originated in a repack.
And some of the downtown stores had Kitchener Rangers themed cards available. Different store for a different card. I grabbed this Jeff Skinner, interestingly enough, at one of the LCS.


  1. Hey cool, Jennifer Botterill is Wolverine hockey player Jason's sister! Talented family.