Sunday, 11 October 2015

Football Cards? At a Local Show in Canada? Must. Raid. Boxes.

Before doing the Hometown Hockey thing yesterday, I dropped by the monthly card show. With UD flagship hockey still a few weeks out, and the Jays in the playoffs, I was somewhat surprised to see the available hockey stuff and the available baseball stuff in about the same numbers. But I didn't expect to see 25 cent and 50 cent football 3200 ct boxes. While I did grab some hockey, that will be shown off tomorrow, I'll highlight the football goodies today.
For example, when you see a 1962 Post card in a quarter bin, you don't concern yourself with "well, that cut isn't really that rectangular", you get it. Eddie isn't a HOFer, but was an member of the 60s All-Decade team. He's also still the team's all time intererceptions leader with 46.
Some 70s vintage as well. I grabbed the Bobby Douglass card because I remember him being referenced by MST3K/Rifftraxer Kevin Murphy in his "Year at the Movies" book as throwing passes harder than a relief pitcher. That's not good if you are a QB. But, then he tried pitching, as per wiki:

"After his NFL career was over, Douglass briefly played minor league baseball in the Chicago White Sox organization. In 1979 he pitched four games for the Iowa Oaks where he had 7 innings pitched, issued 13 walks and failed to record a strikeout"

80s isn't really vintage, but I added some there as well. I didn't realize how Chargers-intensive this portion of the pickups were until I got home. I love the bandage on Joiner.
90s definitely isn't vintage, but that means that you will get some shiny cards for the collection. Although it doesn't scan that way, the Rice is especially obnoxious when the light hits it at a certain angle. As for the Young, holograms are really 90s.
I know nothing about these two players. They could be serial killers for all I know. It is just that I figured that 50 cents each was just the right price to add a couple of hits to the football binder. But, JT carved out a 11 year career in football, even though most of it was spent on practice squads. As for Bates, he spent a few years in the NFL, and is now an assistant principal in Illinois.

So no football player turned serial killer in my collection. Yet.
Of course, I did find a couple Bills.
So, how does Panini release a card of a popular CFL player for their Boxing Day set when UD has the license? Pull out an old NFL era photo of the Flyin' Hawaiian! Easy!
New 2/14 cards! You should be familiar with Garrard and McNair, both of whom have shown up many times before. But what's with the Colts Leaders card? That is the only card I can find that even mentions the name of Sanders Shiver. Which means that it easily qualifies as a 2/14 card, and the newest member of the binder. I just can't call him a new face. Either way, he is now the 48th football player in the binder. That's 2 more than the number of different baseball players. Overall, McNair is now at 34, with Garrard at 28.
And to wrap it up, some Wolverines alum that I won't be keeping. But I will probably wait to send, since I was an idiot and didn't wait until after the show before sealing up and mailing my latest package to Ann Arbor.

Tomorrow, the hockey content from the show.


  1. Thanks for scaring up those Wolverines for me!

  2. Finding that Post card for a quarter is crazy.