Friday, 9 October 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Minors Box Break - Part 1 - Packs 19 through 24

Time to end this box. After adding a few more base cards from the LCS, I'm now only 6 cards away from the base set. Unfortunately for me, one of those 6 is the Michael Conforto. And that's appropriate, since there were no Mets or Blue Jays in this portion of the break. This will have the fewest scans of all the posts so far, seeing as I've already given many cards a spotlight so far.

Pack 19:
Sure. This looks like a generic base card.
But it is my second gum-stained card of the break. These are 1:17, so I definitely hit above average with those.

Pack 20:
A Ryan McMahon hot pack!

Pack 21:
A great logo in the Montgomery Biscuits, and probably the worst photo in the set with the Logan Moon. At least that can end up on a Panini product as well with minimal airbrushing.

Pack 22:
A couple more great logos, and a pretty good player to get an insert card of with a Correa.

Pack 23:
And here's the second auto in the box. A good prospect and an above-average signature. At least in terms of penmanship, this has been a pretty good box.

Pack 24:
And the final blue parallel comes from the final pack.

As always with this product, a fun break. When you ignore the SPs, it is nice to put a major dent in the base set with a single box. Plus, you have enough hits/parallels to maintain interest.
Back with some repack related tomorrow. Or something else.

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  1. That was a nice Pirates round featuring the WV Power and Indy Indians.