Friday, 2 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39.1 - Memories of Repack Sources Past

I still have a collection of repack content left over from Target after stocking up for future content purposes during liquidation. It has been since April (Part 11 of this year's Adventures in Repacks) since I dug into this portion of the 'to be posted' collection.

Which means I'm due to post one/ So, up now is a 10 pack baseball repack.

Here are the 10 packs:

2007 Ultra Rack Pack
2007 Upper Deck Series 1 Rack Pack
2010 Upper Deck
2011 Topps Chrome
2012 Bowman Chrome
2012 Series 2
2013 Series 2 * 2
2013 Update * 3

For the mathematically inept, that's 11 packs. I'm going to start with the 2013 stuff, leave each rack pack to their own post, and combine the remainder 10-12 stuff in another post.

Starting with S2, and hitting my personal highlights.

Pack 1:
Jays content. A throwback photo. A gold parallel. Not a bad way to start this.

Pack 2:
Now this is interesting. A base card and its Target red parallel in the same package. Also, one of my favourite base cards from the 2013 set with the Bailey. All horizontal beauties as well.

Pack 3:
My favourite card from these three packs pops out with the Sandoval card from team Venezuela. A couple of nice keepers in the great photo category as well.

Update Pack 1:
Current Mets! A future Met! And some more nice horizontal photos. A couple years removed from the actual release, these have aged quite nicely.

Update Pack 2:
Another Met! Another throwback! But that Bob Gibson insert is the big winner in this one, with the bonus being that it is an image that might be make a first appearance on cardboard.

5 packs down - 6 more to go as I make 4 posts out of one repack.

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