Thursday 15 October 2015

King Me!

I grabbed a couple Kingly packs from the LCS. 2015 Diamond Kings and 2015 Gridiron Kings. One pretty recent, one not so recent.
I'm starting with the older product.
Here's the veteran base portion of this pack. They comprise the first 150 cards of the 200 card base set. Although you wouldn't know, there is a mix of current retired players in this. I really like the look of that Nellie Fox card with the darker background, even though the backgrounds match throughout the set.
My first current player in the set. This one is a mini parallel.
And here's the insert. It does give a nice throwback to the classic Diamond King look.
And two rookies from the 151-200 portion of the set wrap it up. There are parallel version of many in this portion of the set, but neither of these are.
On to football!
Here's the base veteran content in this. I think the Delanie Walker is my favourite aesthetically of the bunch, although the Wilson also looks nice. 3 of 4 guys have their last names starting with a 'W'.
All the rookies are copper framed, and considered base cards. The frame is done Gypsy Queen style, and each pack contains several framed cards.
The copper framed cards extend into the retired portion of the set as well, although this time I landed one of the blue framed parallels. This actually works nicely with the loud background.
The insert. I guess that in terms of football, Deion would be an expressionist.
In contrast to the Tarkenton, not all the frames work with the design. This is way too much red for any card. This looks like the equivalent of a 70s Pirates yellow uniform on a 1991 Fleer design.

No hits in either pack, but enough keepers. And a few cards for future trade packages as well.


  1. Diamond Kings is by far my favorite product of this year, mainly due to the fact the cards are very unique and you feel like you're getting a high-end brand but not at a high-end price. Seen a couple box breaks of Gridiron Kings and there are a few cards there I'd go after but probably won't be buying any packs of it anytime soon.

  2. I am definitely gonna have to look into buying some packs or a box of that Diamond Kings set.

  3. I've opened several boxes of the baseball version this year. Like Adam, it was one of my favorite. You can't beat the price point and every box seems to yield a premium hit.