Saturday, 31 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 43.1: Still Playing

I picked up yet another one of those 8 card packs, 12 sticker packs and a relic card from Ye Olde Wally Worlde. The contents were pretty much as expected, as one of those packs was 1997-98 Be A Player. Since the last time I busted one of these, I closed with the BAP, I'll lead with this one.

Of the 5 packs I've busted of this, this might have provided the least interesting auto in terms of dollar value, but it was still an interesting one.
To start off, the base cards. There's a couple mask binder shots on the top row. I pulled a Bulin Wall auto from a previous one, so I can now welcome its base cousin into the regular mask binder. The same can be said for the Puppa, although  that auto came in a trade. But those jerseys. Ouch. Despite hte fact he played a couple years in Montreal, seeing Tucker in anything other than a Leafs throws me.
Non auto-ed inserts fall at a rate of about 1 in 4 packs. The packaging simply calls this a chase card. I've never really been a fan of the Dufex stuff, since it can tend to overpower the image. While it isn't as bad in person, it still isn't a keeper for me, and I'll be sending it off to COMC next week.
And here's the auto. This was the only certified autograph from Eric Cairns' 10 years or so in the NHL. He's more known as an enforcer over that time, picking up almost 1200 PIM over that time, which was spent mainly for the New York franchises. His auto is actually somewhat interesting as it is the last letter of his last name that stands out far more than the first letter in it.

So, while not a particularly valuable auto (the Osgood is listed for more on COMC), it is a pretty interesting one, and it is always fun to add a card that was the only auto of a player's career.

Tomorrow, the rest of the repack.

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