Friday, 16 October 2015

2015-16 Artifacts Box Break - Part 1

Since I'm passing on building the O-Pee-Chee set this year, why not splurge and buy something a little higher end? A little different this year as there are only 8 packs, but the hits promised remains the same, with 3 alongside a rookie redemption. I think this might be Datsyuk's first time on a product's cover since 2012-13 Score, but I really don't care to check.

Pack 1:
Pretty much what you can expect. After being relegated to the /999 portion of the set the previous few years, goaltenders are back in the base 100 set this year. That is something nice for my mask binders. Of course, the first pack contains a card for Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams.

Pack 2:
Much like with my Team Canada packs, I got a relic hit and a decoy card in this one. And one fewer base card. Palat will be set aside for Jeff @ Wish They Still Came w/ Bubblegum.

Pack 3:
WOO-HOO! A Sens card! And it is one of the two folks making their cardboard debut in the early sets. I'll need another one for my Kitchener Rangers alum collection though. I could say the same thing about Shane Prince, the other one of the two.

Pack 4:
Just a base card, but another Sens card for the team collection! And it looks like I've got a pair of relics awaiting me in the second half of the box. And a rookie redemption. Still a good start though with a nice addition to the PC along with a quintet of mask binder cards.

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  1. That Palat is sick! Actually won suite tickets to the game last night, it was awesome never been in a suite before.

    Love the white rookies too, gonna be on the lookout for these tomorrow at the show.