Saturday, 24 October 2015

Just One Pack...of 2015 Topps Valor

I said yesterday you might get a CFL post or an Update post.
Instead, you get a 2015 Topps Valor post. For the simple reason I only feel like scanning 6 cards. In other words, laziness.
Here's my first card of the set. It is a photoshop special, since Maxwell was a Seahawk last season. But, this does seem to be his first solo base card. He did get to appear on a Seahawks Prizm Legion of Boom card, and had another insert in Rookie and Stars, but this is his base card debut. Being a 6th rounder, that's likely why it took until his 5th season.

The background doesn't include the logo, like last year, but the smoky style is retained.
Here's the back. The design pretty much follows the same pattern as the front, with the standard paragraph and stats.
On some cards this year, he's Bud Dupree. On others, it is Alvin Dupree. I'd probably stick with the former. One, to keep the chipmunk jokes to a minimum. Two, it is tougher to turn 'Bud' into a heckling DAR-RYL, DAR-RYL than Alvin.

And now, proof I should accept money from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams to buy packs.
The one-per-pack Speed parallel? A rookie of Wolverines alumni Devin Funchess.
 The 1:14 Strength parallel?  A rookie of Wolverines alumni Devin Funchess.

I seriously need to find a way to market myself.
And now, back to the base cards with Marshawn Lynch.
And Arian Foster wraps it up.

Not bad, and it is always nice to know you'll be able to find homes for cards upon pulling them.

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  1. I really like the design and I'd like to see Topps extend that to baseball somehow, maybe next year's Finest?