Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mailday! Trade with 'Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum'

I have been using WTSCWB as a source to drop my excess Tampa Bay Lightning and Atlanta Falcons cards off with over the past couple months. Now, time to show of the highlights of the second return package. And yes, I've already started preparing for the 3rd cross-border care package.
Starting off with the football, and probably my favourite of the base cards in this set. And that is entirely for the photo choice of a press conference photo with the jersey as opposed to the standard photoshop jobs that are in all the sets. It is also the reason that the Jon Lester might be my favourite base card in this year's Topps flagship set.
The only bad thing about adding Jim Kelly cards to my collection is that I have to make the decision as to whether they go into the Bills binder or into the 2/14 binder. I lean towards the latter when it comes to that decision, but that always makes dupes welcome. If it ends up there, this will be my 50th Jim Kelly card in that collection.
No doubt where this Andre Reed will end up, though. My Bills memory is enough to recall that this photo was taken from a game that was the first in NFL history to feature zero punts.
Here's a new Carlos Delgado for that collection. Which is somewhere in the 260 card range. This is shinier in person than in the scan.
In contrast, this one is exactly as shiny in the scan is it is in person.
The same for this. Sure, Mejia is the lucky recipient of the 162 game special, but this is still a nice shiny Mets parallel.
Technically an Oakland card, but still a welcome addition.
But this gold parallel is a Blue Jay card. And it is numbered to 50. What a great way to wrap up this package.

As of now, I'm reloading to return fire. I have one nice hit so far, but should be able to put the final touches on the package after the Expo in early November.

See you again tomorrow!

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  1. I really like that Shady card too, good thing I had a dupe. Gonna check your 15 NFL list plus going to a card show Saturday