Saturday, 10 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 40 - Another Stove to Touch

A not-so-bad experience the first time means I should give it another try. The only difference is that instead of a pack of 99-00 UD, it was a retail pack of 11-12 Artifacts. Everything else was the same pack-wise, including the bonus pack of Target Red Prizm Pulsars.
The Connor McDavid card was a different one this time. I think I prefer the Maple-Leafy one that came in the first pack.
Even for a retail only pack, this was a pretty lackluster grouping of cards. Not much interesting beyond the Sakic.
The Score was more interesting. A couple golds (I'd already pulled one of the team leaders, but shipped it off to Too Many Manninghams since Wolverine alum is lurking as the PIM leader), a Senator and Jason LaBarbera rocks a mask that hits another one of my loves - pro wrestling - with CM Punk featured.
It is a Jamie Benn hot repack! That said, he is the dullest card here, easily trailing the Target parallel of Henrik Sedin, and a pair of mask binder candidates.
And the Pulsars. An easy win here for the Krug, but the Schultz parallel isn't bad either.

I think I preferred the first one, but this was still nice enough to make me want to take a try on a third one.


  1. I've bought a few of these now, a couple didn't come with the bonus 3 card Target pack.