Tuesday, 27 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 75: Bills! Bills! Bills!

Why not have a Super Bowl week post filled with cards for a team that hasn't seen the playoffs for 15 years?
Bruce Smith takes me back to the era where they were contenders though, with this insert out of Prestige.
I do like the fact that back photo isn't reused from the front, but it isn't the most flattering choice. If you didn't notice that there were tiny snowflakes in the picture, it almost seems like Bruce is crying.
Staying with Prestige 2014, here's another insert from that set, this time with Sammy Watkins as the subject. I'd be upset that he isn't photoshopped into Bills colours, but it does fit with the draft board theme that he's still in Clemson orange, even if it is logo-free.
And the last card from 2014 in the COMC box of goodness, my first Sammy Watkins relic. Even his basic one-colour relics were going for around $7 a few months back, so adding a decent sized swatch for $3 was nice.
Travelling back one whole year, here's yet another insert - this time of Thurman Thomas from Topps' flagship in 2013. I have the Bruce Smith from this subset - might as well add the second Bill that was a part of it.
The only other hit I picked up was this sticker auto of Aaron Williams. It isn't pristine penmanship, but with more than half the letters being legible, I'll gladly call it among the better handwriting examples in my Bills collection. Even if it falls apart as the first and last names end. Aard Willil?

The rest just consisted of some Bills cards that were in the 30-35 eant range.
The two Fred Jacksons were part of a shopping spree I picked up. The others? I didn't have any Da'Norris Searcy cards, and that card and its parallels were the only option. And I liked the design on the Lee Evans. Simple as that.

9 cards more done. There's now actually some wiggle room in the box!

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