Wednesday, 21 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 73: The Darker Side of my 2/14 Collection

Instead of grabbing cards of those thatt were born on 2/14, why not add cards of those who passed away on 2/14?

Thankfully, that is a bit of a smaller task. I was able to find 4 with cards, one of a subject that I really wouldn't want to add to my collection even if I shared a birthday with him.

But, I found 3 more that were less odious.
Passed away: 2014

I could have picked a card up for a lot cheaper from his managerial days, but I figured I'd get some cheap, well-loved vintage card. There's bending on all 4 corners, but this is a nice 1966 issue.
Passed away: 1948
See? 1948! Actually, that's the reason I opted for this card - it actually included the death date on the card. I thought I'd get one of his cards from my box break of Classics, but he wasn't in the set.
Died: 2003

There's a reason I haven't been using person in reference to the cards is that because a rather famous non-person also died on 2/14. And amazingly, there was a card for Dolly out there.

While I am planning to add these to the binder, I do not plan to add them to the official count for the binder, which currently stands at 918. These certainly won't be a full-time addition, so don't go sending me piles of Jim Fregosi cards. Or Andrei Chikatilo.

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