Saturday, 10 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 70: Sens-ational!

Time to continue to plow through the COMC packages, this time to pull out all the new cards for my Ottawa Senators collection.
This might seem like an odd choice to start. Junk wax era. And it is of Neil Brady? Why would I possibly get this card from COMC?
Because of the Neil Net8 18t on the back. Or Neil Nets 1st. A card commemorating the first goal in the history of this version of the Senators. He'd follow that up with 6 more that season, spend a few games in Dallas next season, and then be out of the league. Either way, it is a nice addition to commemorate a memorable moment in team history.
Mask binder? Or Sens collection? Probably the former, but this is still one of the better shots of Marvin the Martian adorning one of Lalimes masks.
Why not throw some cheap Alfredsson cards into the mix? According to zistle, this puts my count of his at 222, but I don't think that's the most accurate count. I'll have to double check that sometime.
I knew this was coming after picking it up after getting $45.00 on a shopping spree at COMC. Despite being dated, I still think that this is a Ducks sweater. Most of the ones at COMC seem to match up, but then I come across one like this, and don't recall the Hurricanes ever wearing those colours.
And to wrap up the new Ottawa additions, here's an interesting auto. It would be more interesting if Erik Condra was a more prolific tweeter, but this is something kinda unique for an auto.

And I still have about 150 more cards to go. With another 100 on the way.

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