Saturday, 17 January 2015

Group Break Court Kings - Raptors and Hornets

Time to add some new cards to my Raptors collection via Panini Court Kings. While it doesn't have the painted cards, it does have an art theme to it and an interesting look. And, since the Hornets were available and not very expensive as well, I decided to get them for fun. It ended up being that I did better with Charlotte, but I still got nice cards for the hometown team.
You can't tell from the scan, but this is a really nice addition to my collection. This was actually a 5*7 box topper. While I don't have any pages that can hold this, it came in a top loader and that is the perfect size for the pocket in back of the binder.
Here's the back of the box loader. I like seeing the Brazilian Kevin Durant thing on the description. Although the Brazil thing gives me painful flashbacks to Rafael Araujo.
Here we have the base cards. The loudness of the background seem perfectly for anything with a 'Kings' description.
And here's even more of Bruno. First up is a Rookie Portrait card, albeit this one is a Ruby parallel numbered to /99. Then we have 2 more cards from the rookie portion of the main set. There are 5 levels of rookies. The one in the middle is an unnumbered base. The one on the right is Level 3, and is limited to 149. The latter two have backgrounds that would not look out of place on any late 80s Diamond King.

That's it for Toronto. Off to the Hornets.
I also got a box topper here. I like the colours on this one more than on the Caboclo.
Only two base cards here.
But I did get one of the Sapphire parallels numbered to /25. I hoped that, like the rookies, the backgrounds would look different for the parallels. Alas.just the text is changes.
The Hornets earned a pair of rookies in this portion of the set.
And here's one of the level 4 cards. Black and white, and really nicely done. These are limited to /49, and really look like a special card worthy of low numbering.
While I didn't get a Raptors hit - I did get one with Charlotte. That's a nice large event-worn swatch, and it works nicely with the design of the card.
But this unnumbered insert was my favourite over the relic. When I picked up Charlotte, I was hoping to get some cards from the pre-New Orleans run of the team. And this nice loud card is a beautiful addition to my collection. While all the Hornets would be considered up for trade to a nice offer from a Hornets fan, but this one will easily be the hardest to pry from my grasp. It is strange that I'd say that with a group that includes a /25 parallel and a large relic, but that's the way my collection is sometimes.

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  1. Love the design, particularly the base cards. Looks like you did well on the break! Nice Larry Johnson!