Wednesday, 14 January 2015

You got Hobby in my Retail! - Part 2

And now, the hit portion of the Hobby Box from a retail environment.
Opening up with probably the blandest of the bunch. Plain white swatch. Doesn't really work with the design since it overlaps the photo. But a hit is still a hit!
Staying with the Rangers, here's hit #2. One I won't be keeping, though, since I know of a Carl Hagelin super-collector out there that would love this in a bubble envelope (especially since I've been coming across others lately that a PWE won't be able to hold).
This really was a hot box for teams considered the Original Six. Another one colour relic, but this one looks much nicer with the contrasting colours between the background and the swatch.
More Bruins with the Rookie Treasures card. Carter only has 3 games to his credit in the NHL, but did pot a goal in one of them, against Ottawa. He's now playing in the Ottawa system with their AHL affiliate in Binghampton.
And the final hit was a beauty. My first Silhouette card from any sport. There are ones of Zetterberg from this subset on COMC, but those employ a white swatch. With the white outline, it just pops so much better with the red one.

Strangely, I think I enjoyed the act of opening the packs more with this set than the most recent Rookie Anthology. It is one of those strange times where the dummy cards were a benefit, since you didn't know which packs would contain a hit. With last year's, if you came across a thick pack, it would either contain a relic, or a dummy card next to a non-relic auto card or a numbered /100 base parallel.

It's the little things.

And now, to work on catching up with the mailbag.


  1. I noticed my Target getting a few Hobby boxes too. That might be dangerous once baseball products start hitting.

  2. Hagelin? Sweet! It's funny, I came pretty close to buying one or more boxes of 2012-13 PRA from Dave & Adam's when they had a nice deal on it around Christmas, but I went with other stuff from COMC instead. Fortunately I have you to pull hits for me, Wolverine magnet that you are. Thanks! I'm working on a new package for you while I'm at it.

  3. Why does the only boxes my Target get are basketball. ME WANT HOCKEY HOBBY AT TARGET!