Monday, 12 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 71: Rangers alum

 There were 8 new cards on their way to my collection of guys who went through the Kitchener Rangers system. 7 of them hits!
Enforcers is a great way to add some obscure autographs to my set at a reasonable price. And Enforcers is a perfect set for Andrew Peters. 388 penalty minutes during one AHL season? Yup. He's perfect for this type of set.
Cory Keenan was a draft pick of the Hartford Whalers, but he never played for them. He spent some time playing in Europe, hence that bad airbrushing job into an "Austria" jersey. But this is an autograph, and it is numbered. This is one of his only cards post OHL - the only other one seems to be an autographed phone card.
Let's stay with autographs and questionable licensing with this Mike Eagles autograph. Mike was part of the first Memorial Cup winning team for the Rangers and spent 3 seasons here in the early 80s. A nice gold pen autograph as well, since I could totally see BAP just giving them a pen that would lose the autograph. But, it does appear, by looking at others in this set, that gold pens were used for the cards with darker airbrushed jerseys.
And one Memorial Cup winner's autograph deserves another. Steve was part of the second team that won the Cup. He started the season with Washington, and his absence was one of the reasons the team struggled to start that season, going 0-3 until players started making their way back to the team.
Not a Memorial Cup winner, but a Hall of Famer autograph is up next. And it is on a nice on-card autograph that shows  up beautifully on the clear portion of the card. Bill also has his number hanging in the rafters on East Avenue.
Moving from autographs to relics, I'll stay with a Hall of Fame theme, as well as one who has a jersey honoured by the team. Although they claim the swatch is from a game used jersey, I highly doubt that it was from a Penguins sweater. Is it really too hard to make the picture match the jerseys? Especially with retired players.
But the swatch does match the jersey here! And I do love Nordiques blue on my swatches.
And the only non-hit in the bunch. But it was still a card numbered to /3999.

8 down. Still lots of cards to go.

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