Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Final 2014 Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 3 of 5 - Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

And now, all of the hockey stuff left in the box. That leaves just Blue Jays and miscellany. But there were a nice collection of cards for my Senators, my 2/14 and my masks collection.
It is from a mainstream set, but this is an oddball as well. I really can't see myself wearing this if I was a younger Sens fan though - unless I wanted to get my arse kicked on a daily basis. But now, I'll leave it intact and will gladly keep it in my Sens collection.
Of course, Daniel Alfredsson was a nice part of this collection. With this rookie card.
With this relic.
With this auto. But best of all.
My first Daniel Alfredsson 1/1 plate! I included a plate of Wolverines hockey alum Chris Brown in my last bubble envelope, so it is only appropriate that this yellow plate come in return. Now I just need to find the relic card that does along with it. For completeness sake, of course.
Away from Alfredsson, here's a nice rookie of Jani Hurme numbered to 1000. This card feels more solid than a typical release. Probably just Pacific being Pacific.
Even when he's signing on a manu-patch, Stephane Da Costa's signature remains a thing of beauty.
And this makes it back to back days where I'm showing off Patrick Lalime cards.
And although I have to flip it over, another day with a really nice picture of Marvin on his mask. And that should probably act as a lead in for more mask binder cards.
I'm guessing that Turco is a dupe for Dennis. Considering all the Turco I have sent him, it is only appropriate I get one in return. But the big star here is the Ken Wregget autograph combined with one of my favourite masks of the 90s on one of my favourite cards of the 90s.
And another card that most certainly was a dupe for Dennis will be joining my 2/14 collection. It will certainly be the biggest relic for Eric Nystrom in my collection, and is my first hit of his where he isn't pictured as a Flame.
Here's my third autograph of Milan Hejduk for my collection. I thought I had this already, but all those shiny Be A Player cards from the late 90s do tend to run together.
And the big one for me! My first autograph of Marian Gaborik for my collection. While I have 6 relics of his, it is nice to get some ink in terms of a hit.

A great trade package so far - and I still have more to show off!


  1. I knew you'd like the Alfie plate!

  2. That Wregget BAP auto is pure awesome, love that mask!