Saturday, 10 January 2015

Just One Pack...of 2014 Bowman Draft

While at the LCS to pick up a replacement holder for that Gary Carter autograph, I had to pick up a pack of something. While all 4 sports were options, I opted for the only product I saw that I hadn't busted in some form yet - 2014 Bowman Draft.
Here were the five base cards. Nice to add both a Blue Jay and a Met into the binders with this purchase. Connor Joe just sounds like one of those fake names that shows up in Nigerian Prince emails.
And my first Chrome card is a second Dominic Smith. I generally don't like dupes in a pack, but they are from different sets. And they are from one of my PC teams. So all is well.
And the 7th card is a nice, shiny refractor. I like shiny. But it will probably end up at some point in an envelope heading to a Cubbies fan.

3 out of 7 being for my teams. That's a nice average.

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