Thursday, 8 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 69: The New 2/14 King!

At least when it comes to basketball. Logically, Richard Hamilton should be ahead of Gheroge Muresan on the 2.14 list. He has about 4 to 5 times as many cards out there as Muresan, but he lagged in 2nd place until the most recent mailings. He leapfrogged into the lead with 37 total cards, as opposed to Muresan's 33.

But, both of them have more cards individually in the binder than all other combined cards of NBAers and WNBAers, who have 32 in total.

So, here are 9 more cards of Rip Hamilton to be shown off, and it is a neat variety.
The Heritage theme didn't just get used for baseball. You can find throwback cards for all the sports. While this technically isn't a Heritage - it is from a set called 1952 Style, but it is a nice card with the same feel as one gets from the Heritage line today.
Here's a pair of horizontal additions to the collection. That 2002 is nicely understated for the usually loud SPX release.
And a pretty nice looking card from Black Diamond as well.

4 Richard Hamilton cards, and not a single one with the facemask so far? Time to change that.
And a nice shiny refractor is a great way to do so, combining with a great photo of him against his former team.
Bonus! The back of this card gives you the story of how he earned the nickname "Rip". And that's why the backs of cards can be so much fun!
Here's another photo from higher up. This is a red parallel from Topps Tipoff, numbered 1344/2008.

Numbered to 2008 too high for you?
This Totally Blue parallel, which is really nice when contrasted against the uniform and headband, is 138/299.

Still not low enough?
Here's one numbered 64/99. It even has a nice red swatch on it.
And doesn't even reuse the photograph on the back of the card! And limited to only 99 copies! Is that a low enough numbered card?
If not, here's the black printing plate that was used to make that card.
See, 1 of 1!

And that's quite the way to wrap up showing off the cards that moved Richard Hamilton into first place among basketball players (and 4th overall in the collection, behind Marian Gaborik, Milan Hejduk, and Jim Kelly). But it does help when there isn't exactly a deep roster of 2/14 people.

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