Saturday, 3 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 66: Brand New Raptors

I hinted that I'd done some major damage to my every Raptor Frankenset, and I might as well show them off now. I've got more as part of the latest order on the way, that should leave only an outstanding redemption and new 2014 faces.

But, that still leaves 6 debuts into my Raptors collection.
Tyler was selected by the Raptors in the expansion draft but never played a game for the team. Unlike some previous members of this club, at least he got a card in the inaugural jersey instead of just a head shot. There were  a few members of this group of players, such as  Keith Jennings, Dontonio Wingfield and Jerome Kersey. The reason for Tyler zero-year status is the most interesting of the bunch. He fell asleep with an ice pack on his ankle, and was forced to retire due to permanent nerve damage.
Here's someone who I'd never heard of. He was not drafted in 2003, but signed with the Raptors. He played in the developmental league, but never played in the NBA. I didn't know this card existed until it came up during the Challenges. This card and its parallels are his only card, so it is an interesting addition.
You know when you're adding NBA Draft Combine relics to your collection in order to build a Frankenset, you're either really committed to the cause, or should just be committed. DeAndre was a second round pick this year, and played for them in the summer league, but is in Australia now.
As of now, Lucas' only card as a Raptor is an auto in this year's Prizm. This will serve as a placeholder until an actual card of his arrives. I'm going to hold off on getting the Prizm for now, but will try to add something out of this season's releases. Since he never really played for Atlanta in his draft year, I can still consider this to be a Toronto card.
Sure, he's pictured as being with the Nuggets, but it says Raptors on the top of the card. That's good enough for me. This auto in last year's Totally Certified, along with its parallels, were the only Raptors card of Julyan Stone.
And finally, Patrick Patterson's Raptors binder debut. This was one of the big ticket items (at about $15) that really wasn't a COMC Challenge card, but instead was a card from a $45 spending spree I picked up over Black Friday weekend. Not only is it my first Patterson card period, it is my first 1/1 Raptors card. That's a great way to make a binder debut!

6 great new additions to my binder!


  1. Interesting story on the career demise of BJ Tyler, that's some 1000 Ways to Die stuff.