Friday, 16 January 2015

Sterling Group Break Mets

I picked up the Mets in a recent mojobreak half case break of the new Bowman Sterling product. With 4 different auto subjects, I hoped to go 4-for-4 in additions to my collection - and I did.
First up, the one I was the least excited about. I can't say anything bad about Dominic Smith, but this being a sticker-graph was kind of a let down. But, there are a really high percentage of stickers in the product - I should be happy that only 1 so far is in the category. Even if the penmanship makes it appear that his first name is Doc.
But this one is on card. My second auto of a Cecchini over the past month. I guess "just sign your initials" runs in the family.
This is the reason I'm not too sure what ratio the sticker-to-oncard autographs will be for the Mets. But, Conforto was a high draft pick and has started off his pro career with some good numbers. So, I'll definitely be patient with this one, which I think will be /99.
And here's the second on-card auto of the break. This is an orange parallel /75, and will be of someone with a chance to make the big league roster out of spring training, and will join a really promising young staff that will be welcoming Matt Harvey back.

Going 4-4 was nice. Getting a redemption kinda sucked, but a couple parallels make it better. Also, those random dots around Noah's head are part of the card, and not scanner filth.
In closing, here is a sample of the card backs. Staying with the non-traditional stats that they started using with some of the earlier Bowman releases. I can hardly wait until Upper Deck starts using Corsis on their releases.

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