Friday 3 May 2024

Time Out for a Polar Bear

When a mailer arrived yesterday with Mets goodies for a group break, I knew I had to take a brief break from the Expo recap to show off a card.

Because this is worthy of an immediate appearance here. Aside from a 1/1, I can't imagine a better example of a 'chase card' in the product. This becomes not only my first Red Real One Autograph in any collection, but also my first Alonso autograph. Alonso was also the only Mets autograph in the product, so I lucked out even more with this being a hit in one of the boxes.
Such a card also deserves to have its reverse shown off as well.

It wasn't just that card - this box topper also deserved to make an appearance. Unlike with the base card, at least Yogi was affiliated with the Mets in 1975. Although I don't seem to think of it was as a catcher that year.
I won't show off everything else - I figure that they've already made appearances. With Lindor's 4 RBI performance yesterday, I figured he was also worthy of an appearance. 

Still, there was this:
And there you have it!


  1. Congrats on a big hit of one of the best recent Mets! Those red autos do look outstanding

  2. Fancy. I wonder if I'd get sticker shock looking for a Dodger one ... Also, the catcher mention on the Berra card just kills the vibe.

  3. Nice score! I actually pulled the regular Pete Alonso auto out of a retail "super box" the other day, making it the second time in four years that I've ended up with a Heritage Pete Alonso auto out of that kind of box. Very odd.