Monday 27 May 2024

Raptors Megapost

 Just a whole pile of Raptors cards today, from a bunch of sources. Some from COMC, some from group breaks, some from the recent TMV mailer. I'm leading this off with the COMC arrivals.

If there is one player that could signify the late, unlamented 23-24 season in Toronto, it would be Jontay Porter. Just a colossal mess. I realized that even before he got booted from the league he wouldn't get a Raptors card. So I added this. And despite his idiocy, he still counts towards the binders. 
I was convinced that Brown's time with the team would be short, figuring he'd be quickly traded along once the tank was on. He stayed around, and finished the season with the team. He's already appeared on Raptors card, and you'll see one later on in this post. But, as with Porter - this still counts.
Random Bosh!
Shiny! Shiny! Shiny!
I'm staying with Prizm for my first Jalen McDaniels auto. Strangely, he's in the Prizm base set, but is still pictured with Philly there. He's even got autos that also show him in the 76ers uni. But here, he's properly shown as a Raptor. Looks like they thought his signature was Sensational enough to wait until the last minute to run the presses for that insert set. And I thank them for it.

The Prizm finale features a card from the Luck of the Lottery insert set. The luck didn't quite work out this past lottery, but at least we get Gradey's magnificent draft day suit preserved eternally on cardboard.
The COMC finale - Huskies throwback! That's a nice way to end this portion, and shift to the TMV portion.
Starting with a relic from Terrence Ross, who did have a 51 point game to his credit while with the Raptors, but will probably be better remembered for some of his dunks. Such as busting out in-game 360s. Or the time he dunked through Kenneth Faried. 
Let's lower that numbering by 50 with this Amir Johnson Silver Press Proof.
There's always room for some Vinsanity in a Raptors team post.
Especially when they include relics. An auto is probably still well out of my price range. Neither of these is a jersey piece, if you look closer you'd see the black one is part of a warm-up, with the white being part of the shorts. But hey, I now have a piece of Vince Carter's shorts!
I'm not going to hit everything in the group breaks. But there were some highlights of note - here's Gradey Dick returning for a groove parallel.
But the big one here is the current Franchise - Scottie Barnes as he makes his first appearance. This is the Cubic parallel, limited to 50 copies.
Recon was only a partial case, so I wasn't surprised that I didn't get a complete team set out of the deal. But that's perfectly fine, as I got the first Raptors cards of three of the new arrivals with the team. And there's that Brown that I was never expecting to see.
Gary Trent Jr, the odd man out among the four base cards I got, makes another appearance in /299 bronze parallel form.
Although I didn't get a base card of his, here's an insert of Gradey Dick. But just using his last name on the front of the card is definitely a choice.
What better way to end a post than with a new autograph for the collection? Nowell was a perfectly fine second round draft pick and that's all I can ask for - some solid presence on the bench if needed and to develop into something more in the future. 

And that's a whole pile of Raptors! 

There you have it!

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