Saturday 25 May 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 15 - Feeling Valued

 A couple more from the ol' Dollarama!

2 more of these!
Here's the contents of the first one! I've never busted that particular Swedish product before! I'm already enjoying this!
Among the base cards, only Tommy Sjodin was familiar to me. I remembered him from his time with the Stars in the junk wax era. But the insert really stands out on that foil-y Henrik Sedin entry from a Hands of Gold insert set. And Henrik would win the big gold medal in 2006 at the Torino Olympics.
Oooo. Premium! Even if they're extremely cheap over on COMC thanks to e-packs, it is still nice for a Canvas to show up - complete with the Popeye cameo! That Fantilli will fatten up the next mailer to Too Many Verlanders. 
The nineties easily provided the dullest content of the repacks, even with Kolzig making an appearance.
Major WOO-HOO out of the 2010s pack - with a 2/14 appearance. And it is a need! And it is a Tim Hortons food issue card! Again, WOO-HOO! It is always nicer to personally pull a new entry to the collection, no matter if it is a hobby box or repack.

It is going to be quite the challenge for the second repack to beat the first. 
This will be the content making the attempt.
As expected, pretty dull from MVP. But at least there was a Beniers fit for a future Ann Arbor mailer. Other than that, zilch.
The dullness continues with the Original 6 pack, with two of the more boring sets that show up in repacks. 1990 Bowman. 2021 UD. At least the latter is a Kitchener Rangers alum.  It doesn't appear to be a dupe as per my tcdb list, but I'm a little behind on adding that portion.
 A retro uniform with an interesting photo, two guys named Elias, two Flames cards. Repack randomness.
I'm not sure how that Formenton card slipped into the 1990s pack. Any joy of a Sens card is eliminated knowing that he's part of the London Five. The other two horizontal photos are interesting at list, even if you have to assume that the listed player on the Stadium Club card is the one facing the camera directly in the image. 

Even with a few nice cards here (Kubalik, Pettersson, Mallette) the first repack was definitely the more interesting to me.

There you have it!

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