Sunday 5 May 2024

Expo Post 5: A Rangers Recap

 Today, it is a bunch of Kitchener Rangers alum from their NHL careers.

A surprising name for the volume king this time - Steve Eminger and a trio of Pacific cards. Two are numbered, with the Crown Royale being /2299 and the Calder to a less bulky /825. He'd play 17 games for the Capitals in 02-03, before heading back to the Rangers to help them to their second Memorial Cup.
Set volume goes to O-Pee-Chee with this small stack of alumni. Even though I wasn't crazy about the uniform in their original appearance, I do kinda like seeing the throwbacks here on Jeff Skinner. The card would have been even better had the logo matched what was used in the photo.
This years S2 also makes multiple appearances. I really should have bought a second Gibson for the mask binder.
I gotta have a Timmies appearance in here. In this case, the trend set was MacInnis having a consistent 100mph slap shot. 
Another card that salutes MacInnis' shot skills.
Random base card that was surprisingly a collection need! Clarkson was another member of that Memorial Cup winning team in 2003. 
Yet another member of that 2003 team. Richards is the only player to have won a Memorial Cup, Calder Cup, Stanley Cup and an Olympic Gold medal.
Another card I thought I already hat. Nope, it's new!
From the last year before the flagship sets weren't available on e-pack. Meaning that it was before inserts in the 25 cent bin were both cheaper and easier to find than the e-pack versions. 
Of course there were parallels that were going to make their way into the binder. Why wouldn't there be? The Scott Stevens is a thick card parallel out of Stadium Club, actually called a Silver Decoy. If you're going to try to trick pack searchers, you might as well make a card out of it instead of a bland white slab. Kadri's Flames entry is the only numbered version here, being a rainbow /350.
Of course, inserts have parallels. This one is the orange version, even if it looks a murky yellow.

There you have it!

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