Thursday 23 May 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 14 - Forgotten But Not Gone

 This is something I'd done a while back to clear it off when I came across a long, LONG back-logged repack I'd purchase. This, and a couple more were ones I picked up when Target Canada was a thing, and I'd never posted the contents thereof. I still have at least one more baseball one, and a basketball one that I still haven't gotten to.

But at least there's one that I can clear out.

This was one of those envelopes that contained 4 packs and a hit.

This design hasn't aged well. Way too much border, made worse with the Topps logo dipping into the frame. But at least the Jays make an appearance. 
Upper Deck gave me exactly what  I expected from it - a couple interesting photos (Jones & Burrell), and, thanks to the size of the checklist, a couple guys I had absolutely no memory of at all (Bruney & Snyder). 
Pre-Frankie Montas!
Finally, 2012. Much as I liked the photo content among part of the UD pack, I  have to give the photo battle here to Luis Ayala. A tough-looking pitcher with a bat photo? Yes! Clay Rapada's photo angle makes it look like his arm is going to snap any second.  There's a nice play-at-the-plate in numbered form, and ending with a photo that just seems to go perfectly with the design.

Not bad at all for the packs - I'm not sure why it took me so long to finally show it off. 
No problem with the hit either. Maybe the black borders aren't the best for someone paranoid about condition, but I'm fine with it. Getting a pinstripe on the relic and a drawn element to it to the image Again, why did I keep this on the back burner for so long?

But there it is and there you have it!

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  1. Solid relic. Nice to see rookies of a Mets star and their current pitching coach in the same pack!