Tuesday 14 May 2024

Budget Retail Prospecting


This might be the first time I've seen the retail version of Elite Extra Edition at Wally World. I might have been lucky when I did, since this was the last one on the shelves. The hobby version was perfectly OK. Let's try this.

Pack 1:

What a start! Firstly, you get a great name like Gino Groover. Then you get an appearance of a 2/14 baby in hit form with Schanuel, and you finish it off with a Met (sorta) in Hernandez. Also, the Noble Meyer is a (retail only?) Status Orange parallel, numbered to /275. I do have an autograph of Schanuel on the way, also out of EE, but I might like this one more for personally pulling it from a pack. That's always more interesting!

Pack 2:
There's another one of the orange status parallels. I also get the promised autograph here in that Nate  Furman. I actually landed one of his autos a couple years back in the 2022 version of this product. He's shown in an un-photoshopped UNC Charlotte jersey there, so I probably like that one a little more, meaning this is likely COMC bound. There's the cover boy! In more ways than one!
Since the image from the front was re-used. This is a retro base card, still part of this year's base set, just retro with the 2002 design, sans stats.

Pack 3:
Not the most variety to end. 3 DPL cards, 2 Panini-friendly catcher photos. Darwin Hernandez does give me one of those box-promised pink parallels. Samuel Lewis makes it so every pack did contain a numbered card, even if it is yet again one of those Prime Numbers card that is not numbered to a prime number - 200. Why not 199? Or 211?

Any break where I  get a 2/14 hit is a good one for me! 

There you have it!

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