Thursday 2 May 2024

Expo Post 4: Actual Sens Cardboard

 OK. Yesterday wasn't a card, but I thought it was nice enough to deserve a post of its own. Today, some of my actual Sens acquisitions.

And I can go back-to-back with posts where the first image is an Andrew Hammond appearance. Even if this one dates to his AHL days at their affiliate's former days in Binghamton. 
"Rookie Commence" as an insert set name still sounds like Engrish. These were inserted into Series 1 tin packs, and in 2018, and the Commence cards were never used again afterwards.
Best photo from the Sens portion is easily this one from this year's flagship. When you're chasing base cards as opposed to Young Guns, you tend to notice interesting ones like this. I love the concentration on his face, still focused on the puck even if his stick is the only thing touching the ice.
If you prefer some shininess with your umlauted names, here's one. This in an orange parallel, which were retail exclusives.
More shininess!
The set I picked up the most singles I picked up, whether for myself or for mailers to others, was this year's OPC. It having the deep 600 card checklist and being all available in a single series made it easy to stock up for myself and others. You'll be seeing more from this set in a couple future Expo posts too.
Patrick Lalime's back on the blog! And so is his front!

I had to get at least one Alfredsson card out of my trip down to the show. While this is a dupe in his solo collection, it isn't one for my team collection. So it is still new somewhere.

There you have it!

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