Saturday 11 May 2024

Expo Post 9: On Ice

 The other box I treated myself to! 

And it came with a few Expo bonus packs:

But I'll start with the box.
12 packs per box, but these were the only two base cards that hit any of my PCs. Better than zero, and I welcome any Stutzle appearances.
The addition of the 'Rookie' label is the only difference between the rookie cards in that 101-150 portion of the base set.
Yes, there are numbered cards in the base set this year as in previous ones. The Eyssimont is a base card, and with his numbering going to /1299, UD didn't gave him as one of the more rated rookies. The Dostal is a green parallel to the base card. There's more of the parallel than the actual base card, this is /599 and the actual card is /499. 
Green parallels were one per pack. I opted to highlight this one based solely on the name Bobby Brink.
These may look more pink, but these are purple parallels.
At least the one orange parallel looks orange.
Sub-Zero inserts remain in the set, although this year they're numbered and extremely purple. Elmer is not a name I expect from someone under the age of 60. 
Ice Crystals make their second straight appearance as inserts. They're just as loud in person, but despite being all over the place in terms of die-cut shape, they're still penny sleeve friendly. And that's the important thing. 
An insert containing another insert! Fortunately, there's a little panel in the back that just cracks open to reveal the card - unlike rip cards that you have to damage to get the goodies out. And quite the goodie!
Sens card! WOO-HOO!
And the promised hit. I guess that would pay for the cost of the box with a low-numbered colour-match card of one of the better rookies in the set. Although as always, if a Wild/Boldy fan wants to trade its way into their own ownership, I'm listening.

As for the bonus packs:
This is the typical make-up of the packs. Stars, rookies and wrestling. I'm there for it. Alas, it doesn't say where in Canada "The Keep" is located.
Sure, the AEW design looks like a last-minute slapped-together project, but it is still nice to see the content included.
Hey! Bonus autograph! At least the number is included, so I can be more certain that the unparseable sticker got attached to the right card. 
Stutzle appearance #2! WOO-HOO! And a John Beecher that can be used in my next mailer to Ann Arbor! Best of the packs!

There you have it!

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  1. Great to see so many MN guys. I'm talking about Perbix, Brink, Mittelstadt and Brock Nelson (though Mittelstadt is the only one to play for my Gopher squad). The state of hockey has adopted Boldy even if he played for BC in college. I'd trade for all of those but have no idea how to value them at the moment.