Friday 24 May 2024

Just When I Thought I Was Out

 and I thought I was done with TMV mailers, another shows up. And I'll work my way through it in stages as usual. Today, 2/14s!

This portion of the set was almost entirely football, but there were still a few that switched that up. Such as this single addition to the basketball portion of the collection.
Yermin was practically one and done in terms of baseball card releases, but what a year it was. If it weren't for Gabriel Moreno or Nolan Schanuel, I'd expect him to be the one to take over the top spot in the baseball portion eventually, based on how many cards were issued of him, and how inexpensive they would eventually become.
Baseball takes a bow here with a super addition to the collection. This has to be my first 1/1 autograph in the collection. Right? I'd check, but now realize that I probably should have the spreadsheet stored on something beyond my desktop. And maybe keep a second copy on the laptop I use 98 percent of the time for posting here.
David Garrard picked up a single entry this time around, and it interestingly salutes the rookie player, and his football idol. If you're a QB and a Giants fan, and making your NFL debut in 2003, everything would match up nicely to being a huge Phil Simms fan.
Jadeveon Clowney also makes a single appearance with this relic from 2019. 
Drew Bledsoe continues the run of #1 draft picks with these 8 cards.
That Classics card might be the lowest numbered card in the group, but as a bonus you do get the DYK factoid on the back!
One more relic.
A bunch of McNair entries. The horizontal card is an interesting - it was intended to be a redemption should McNair have been named the top offensive rookie in '95. It would end up going to Curtis Martin, making the 'Field' card the big winner. 
The latest Jim Kelly additions not only helped him maintain his lead as the king of the football portion of the collection, but with 277 total cards, he now is the overall leader in the collection. 

What better way to crown a new collection king than with a new 1/1 plate? It might be odd, name-wise, for this plate parallel to originate in a set called Unparalleled, but no complaints! 

Thanks for all these goodies, and I'll be showing off lots more in future posts!

There you have it!

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