Friday 31 May 2024

Oh MST You're So Fine

 Today, it is time to show off a couple of new autographs in my collection featuring performers that were in MSTed movies. 

The post's title gives a slight hint as to who the first auto is of. While Toni Basil is far better known for her 80s hit "Mickey", she's known to MSTies for her appearance in Village of the Giants (episode 523) as "Red". She's not the only one from this movie to have certified autographs out there - ones of Beau Bridges and Ron Howard are also out there, with the latter being very much out of my price range. The movie itself was probably one of the better ones to be featured on the show. 
The second autograph fast forwards to season 8, and one of the movies that was part of the long streak of black & white films to start off the Sci-Fi run - Terror from the Year 5000. Salome Jens' role in the movie, as the titular Terror, was actually her first credited film role. It's somewhat interesting to see her autographed card here playing the contrasting character name of 'Ancient Humanoid'. She'd return to the Star Trek universe in Deep Space Nine, as a Shapeshifter, appearing in 15 episodes. While autographs exist of that character as well, I opted for this one due to the contrast of this and her future character.

There you have it!

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