Wednesday 8 May 2024

Expo Post 7: Not Hockey

 Today, a bunch of singles that aren't of the hockey variety.

Not counting the cards that will show up on other blogs in the near future, the total football card keepers for me totaled 2. That's still 2 more than the basketball ones. Sure, this may only be a plain white swatch, but when there is evidence like this of the swatch being game-used, I'll believe it!
I love hits for positions that rarely see cards, let alone autographs thereof. Punters are just slightly above long snappers in terms of making set appearances. So, I'll pick up their autos when I see them, no matter what team they're representing. This is also a gold parallel, slightly rarer than their non-golden partners. 

As for the baseball:
If I could have picked a base card in Heritage that I'd want a dupe of, and didn't hit one of my PCs, this seemed to be the one. I pulled one in the box I busted there, so I only needed to pick up one on the floor.
The Mets content! Sure, Jason Anderson only played a few games for the Mets, but he's one of a small list of players to have played for both the Mets and Yankees in the same season. Also, he got to rock one of the alternate caps on his card.
Tony Gwynn won the volume wars with this trio. 
I just liked the photo on this one - I didn't realize this was a Platinum /250 until getting home. Technically, it is a Class 2 Platinum. Ooooo.
CanCon! This is out of a promotional Panini release in 2013. With them experiencing licensing issues, this could return and I'd totally be there for it.
I picked up some of these Throwback Thursday cards. A few to send elsewhere, a few for me.
I meant to include this in my envelope to Cards on Cards, but completely forgot to put this in the envelope. Oops, but at least I have a starter for my next mailer. 
But this one's a keeper. It's from the Game Within a Game release, and not the first of these beauties that I've added to my collection at an Expo. While they're all nice, and the double image gives Diamond Kings vibes, the ones of legends are so much nicer than when they're just the latest hot rookie.

There you have it!

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  1. That Votto Throwback Thursday card is pretty cool. Never saw that set before.