Friday 2 December 2022

Chronicling Mets

Back to the Chronicles stuff, this time, I'm showing off the Mets that wil be making their way into the team PC. First up, here's a rare Panini card of a catcher where they're not sporting their defensive gear in a Panini-friendly photo.

Do you remember Gosuke Katoh's Mets moments? Likely not, since although they picked him up after he moved on from Toronto, he never played a game for the team and was designated for assignment to AAA. I'm guessing that's a Jays uniform that has had its logo wiped, but I guess the shades of blue are close enough to call this a Mets card. Katoh did get a real Jays card in Update, so I guess that's a chase for me.
Depending on where Jacob signs, Panini could re-use this photo as well. You could easily convince me that this was a Rangers uniform at one time. Or a Mets one. 
To contrast the Rays content from the group random I was in, there's a  far nicer mix of veteran and rookie content with the team.  
Even if it does mean you get to see the same names more than once. But there's my first Polar Bear of the breaks. 
I'm always happy to add a new hit to the Mets collection, but this might be the laziest signature in the Mets binders. But a hit is still a hit, And he'll always have those 5 innings during the no-hitter to his credit! The Recon design is always a nice plus this year as well. I still can't begin to parse that signature. I think that's supposed to be the 'M' in the middle, but everything else is a mess.
At least I can recognize some of the letters here. And there's a really nice patch with a bit of orange on it to go with it. That's all I ask from an autograph and a Mets relic. Sure, he's no longer with the team, but like with Megill and the no-no, he'll provide the great memories when he was walking off without the benefit of a hit.

There you have it!


  1. Yeah, seeing a Katoh Gosuke Mets card is really weird! I saw him in the minor league reports through the season and I think he was on the major league roster for a day or two, but it's a zero-year card, which rarely happens (not counting Bowman and similar prospect sets, where it happens all the time) for lesser-known players like that.

    Nice hits. Hope I'll see some of these cards at the show next Wednesday.

  2. Did you predict that deGrom to the Rangers signing, or did you write this afterward? The last two cards are sharp, even without logos.