Wednesday 21 December 2022

2022 Heritage High Numbers Box Break


While I showed off one of the cards yesterday, here's the rest of the box.

Sweet box topper! 
As for the base content, it was fine, but there were a lot more dupes that I would expect from a Topps product in recent years. While I figured I'd end up within single digits of the 501-700 base set, I ended up about 30 out. Ouch. One of the cards I didn't get dupes of was this Tony Gonsolin, where he looks ready to wax poetic about how he gets older, and how high school girls stay the same age.
While there were some interesting photos in the regular release, not so much so here. But there were some interesting ones still. Sadly, #627 doesn't salute its 1973 counterpart by having a parking lot photo - just a generic one of Jorge Soler at the plate.
Here's the Mets content. If that Marte looks familiar, it is the same photo that was used in low numbers. Geez. And Katoh as a Met (0 games) looks as odd here as it did with Chronicles. Mark Canha was the only Mets I didn't get a card of.

As for the Jays, I ended up 3 short there. No Chapman, Springer or SP'd Manoah. 

The only numbered card in was this Silver refractor /373.
I'll leave the base behind and switch over to inserts with this photo variation, and hope that the fine folks at Topps didn't call the jersey photoshopping team too quickly when it came to Correa's 2023 cards. (Although a Giants one would be hilarious. But a Mets one might end up equally funny. Who knows?)

Manager card! I'm probably one of a handful of people that is happiest to land one of these over a card of an active player from the Award Winners insert set.
1973 All-Star Game highlights are a very specific subset, but since you practically drown in ASG themed inserts and base cards from contemporary sets (and not just in baseball), a similar insert set, with one, maybe two cards per hobby box seems relaxing in comparison. 
A Nolan Ryan insert set is nice, and I appreciate any inclusion of the Tequila Sunrise unis. No Mets cards in this 10 card set, but that's still understandable with those numbers limiting things.
And here's the hit.

Probably an average box on the whole, but all those dupes were so disappointing.

There you have it!


  1. It's not just Marte--the Eduardo Escobar is ALSO the exact same picture as in the first Heritage series. What's going on? How are they not paying attention? Sure hope I remember this when I find the high number versions of those cards in dime boxes.

    Speaking of which, I'm annoyed that no one had singles of these at the card show I went to this Saturday. The Katoh and Plummer are kind of weird, but I NEED my first Vogelbach as a Met card! (I did buy a couple older cards of him at the show.)

  2. The Bohm and Schwarb! Pure Fire! Go Phils!

  3. Nice Schwarber pick up! Thanks for showing off the cards!

  4. Oooohh, a new Manager card. None in my box, thanks for posting that one.