Tuesday 27 December 2022

Maybe I Have a Problem - Part 2

 And now the Mets content I'd completely forgotten about.

Here's the vertical content. I thought that the Strawberry would be the ideal card for there to be an autographed parallel of, and sure enough, they exist in this release. The other legend content here is surprisingly and disappointingly generic. But Megill does provide a rare appearance of the black uniforms on a card. The team was sporting them during their no-hitter, so maybe the photo was from that game.
I picked up that Hernandez from a quarter box not long after release, completely forgetting about this group break pick-up. I definitely could do worse in terms of a card to have more than one of. Suddenly, I have a craving for bubble gum. And an apple.
Surprisingly - no red parallels. But here's a black one of Scherzer.
And here is a 1991 SP parallel of Scherzer. These supposedly fall every 1:233 packs, slightly more common than the Instavision yesterday which were 1:256, or 1 per case. They're special, but there is one huge drawback.
The same backs as the regular cards. Boo. For those hoping to see a picture of Scherzer's rookie card on the reverse - SORRY! 

The Mets couldn't escape this bland insert series. 
I could lose or keep the Triumverates on the whole, but when the parallels end up matching the team colours, such as this orange /50 one, I'll take them!
And I do get an autograph this time. This is my first Canha autograph in the Mets PC, and he's actually made some appearances earlier in sets with ink. Nicely, even though Canha doesn't have a card in the base set, the photo does feel like one that could be used on a base card in this set. For a bonus, this is the black foil parallel, and it comes in with only /25 copies. It may not be the best-looking auto, but he does use the available space perfectly.

There you have it!


  1. Agreed. I wish the Scherzer parallel had the 1991 back as well.

  2. I'd really like to see them use one of those early Stadium Club designs in Archives, with the rookie card bit. They could really have fun with it and show some super-old-time cards along with some Topps history.

    I don't even have a Mark Canha Mets card yet, period! That's a nice auto.

  3. That's interesting that Topps produced a card for him to sign, but didn't include him in the regular base set. Cool photo though. You're right, this card would fit right in with the base set.

    After seeing your autograph, I checked to see if I had an autograph from his time with the A's. I don't, but I just put in an offer on COMC that I hope will get accepted.

  4. Love the Uni # inscription autos best

  5. Canha doesn't have a base card? That's gotta be upsetting for team collectors. Nice pickups!